Quick Text Collab

2010-09-25 13:44:14 by Thomas4

October 2.

Pepare your guts for the funniest flash that has only Text

Quick Text Collab.

Quick Text Collab

New Slogan Coming soon!

2010-09-14 19:12:58 by Thomas4

Hey guys.

I want to tell you that There is a new logo Coming soon like when X-mas comes(Which is in 3 Months).Xmas is when Verson is upgraded.

I want Jermey Simmins to send me mario Sprites and Custom Mario sprites at noon tomorrow.

See you guys later

Update Alert!

2010-09-13 19:36:01 by Thomas4

Verson is Avabile until the judgement is over

I Got My First Animation

2010-09-13 08:40:05 by Thomas4

I Am so happy because my first animation,Look at Shoop Da Whoop, Is A Complete Succes! It's Still On The Mode Under Judgement But It's Still a Sucess! Check it out!

I can get a SWF animator

2010-09-12 15:59:05 by Thomas4

I am Very sad Because I can't Download a Swf animator and i want someone to send me a SWF animator. This animator must be a freeware one!


2010-09-12 13:13:42 by Thomas4

Hi. The Name's Thomas Sylke. Welcome to Sylke Beach Stick figure Animation stoudios